Management and Governance

Long Hill Farm is beautifully maintained by a well-funded operational maintenance program along with important reserves for long term capital projects.  Monthly fees to the Association fund landscaping of common areas, snow and leaf removal, gutter cleaning, road maintenance, septic system cleaning and trash collection (from inside garages). Significantly, monthly fees also cover roof repair and replacement, siding repair, replacement and painting (on a predetermined schedule), plus replacement of exterior windows and doors when deteriorated.

The Long Hill Farms Association is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the residents at an annual meeting.  The Association employs a professional management company which works closely with the Board and its committees to ensure the community is well managed and financially sound. Volunteer committees include Architecture Review, Buildings, Facilities Finance and Landscaping, among others.  The Board of Directors generally meets monthly and the annual Association meeting offers residents a special opportunity to participate in decision making.