Residents: Long Hill Farmers

long hill farm guilford ct

Residents have moved to Long Hill Farm from nearby Shoreline communities, from across the country and from abroad.  Recent home buyers came from Missouri, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Boston, New York City, and South Carolina to name a few locales.

Residents represent a wide range of professions and avocations, both active and retired including, corporate executives, educators, writers, professors, doctors, nurses, health care administrators, editors, designers, accountants, musicians and engineers among others.

long hill farmlong hill farm guilford ctLong Hill Farm’s governing documents provide for just three full time residents per household (a full time resident being defined as one who stays more than three months within a year) so the population is by design, singles, couples and small families.  The mix however is magical and it is frequently said “people move to Long Hill Farm for the architecture but stay for the people. ‘

Living at Long Hill Farm means enjoying distinctive design and privacy, but also offers many opportunities for socializing and recreation.

The development is pet friendly and residents are frequently seen chatting as they walk their canines (and sometimes their cats) along the quiet roads.

With or without a pet, Long Hill Farm is a great place to walk, jog, cross country ski or observe the wonders of nature which imbues the community. Activities are scheduled annually, with a New Years Day reception and fall picnic being among the most popular.